Volunteer With Us

The Olneyville Health Equity Zone values the contributions of volunteers in our effort to improve the quality of life in Olneyville. There are many ways to contribute your skills and experience, no matter what kind of time commitment you can make. We are looking for a wide range of volunteers – both groups and individuals, residents or not, skilled or inexperienced.

  • D’Abate Express Walking School Bus: The D’Abate Express is a free walking school bus program for William D’Abate Elementary students. Like a bus, it makes stops where students live and helps them get safely from home to school with the help of adult leaders. The program promotes safe routes to and from school, encourages healthy, active habits, increases street safety, and it’s fun! Adult volunteers are needed to lead the 2 morning walking routes. As a volunteer, you can pick the days that work best for you. Below are some other examples of how you can support us.
    • Community events: We hold a number of community building events throughout the year. We can always use some extra hands on deck with event setup, logistics, and cleanup.
    • Outreach: Are you outgoing? Comfortable with door knocking? We can use your help with flyering door-to-door to let residents know about upcoming events and opportunities. We also need volunteers to put flyers and posters up in local businesses and community centers.
    • Resident leaders: If you are an Olneyville resident and you are interested in getting involved in your community we want to help you make the change you want to see!
    • Graphic design and photography: We are always in need of skilled graphic designers to help us with creating posters/flyers and other graphics for communications. We also need skilled photographers to document our community events.
    • Newsletter mailing: We publish the Olneyville Neighborhood Newsletter three times a year, mailing over 3,500 copies to Olneyville residents and businesses as well as friends and supporters. We need willing volunteers to help us fold the newsletters and stick on the mailing address labels to prepare it for bulk mailing.
    • Host a Lead-Safe party in your home: Volunteer to host at least 5 friends/relatives in your home/officer and learn about how to make your home lead safe! Hosts will receive $50 for hosting the party and all attendees will receive pizza and beverages.
    • Join the Olneyville Safer Streets Association: Get to meet your neighbors at a monthly meeting to discuss health and safety issues in the Olneyville.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Olneyville Health Equity Zone, please fill out the form below.


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