About Us

It is a fact that where you live impacts your health. Whether or not you have access to healthy foods, affordable quality healthcare, safe and attractive places to play and exercise, well-maintained streets, and social activities to engage in all affect your overall health and well-being.

Over the past several years, Olneyville residents, stakeholders and organizations have taken a proactive approach to address these issues through comprehensive community assessments. These assessments have included the RI LISC sponsored Sustainable Communities, which resulted in Olneyville’s Community Contract and the RI Department of Health’s Olneyville: Action for a Healthier Community.

The results of these assessments have provided a blue print for strategies to address the health and safety issues that residents have deemed priorities for the community.

The Olneyville Health Equity Zone focuses on:

  • Increasing and promoting physical activity, access to healthy affordable foods, farmers markets and community gardening
  • Redevelopment of distressed and vacant properties
  • Addressing public safety issues and enhancing relationships between residents and police
  • Improving public transportation
  • Providing access to diabetes prevention and self-management programs
  • Opportunities for residents to increase their financial stability
  • Community engagement through community pride events and initiatives in efforts to build a more collective and cohesive community