Utilizing an intensely comprehensive, multi-pronged and place-based approach, the Olneyville Health Equity Zone seeks to address health disparities in Olneyville caused by social and environmental factors. The Olneyville Health Equity Zone envisions a neighborhood that can truly thrive with healthy people, a healthy environment, and a healthy economy that offers opportunities to all. To achieve these multifaceted goals, our four Action Teams target their respective areas for healthy living, and collaborate to make these visions a reality in Olneyville.


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Active Living

The Active Living action team works to promote neighborhood walkability and pedestrian/bicycle safety through infrastructure improvements, beautification and sanitation, and community organizing and advocacy. By working with stakeholders ranging from the City of Providence to partner organizations to neighborhood residents we address the most pressing issues in the Olneyville community with the goal of making improvements that will make Olneyville more conducive to walking and biking and ultimately a safer and healthier place to live.

Access to Healthy Foods

This action team focuses on creating more opportunities for Olneyville residents to grow their own food, address the needs for increased access to affordable, high quality fruits and vegetables, and promotes the adoption of nutrition guidelines in publicly accessible locations where food is being sold.



Chronic Disease Prevention and Management

This action team focuses on creating, assisting, and implementing strategies to successfully promote and recruit participants for chronic disease programs (specifically programs focused on hypertension, diabetes, and pre-diabetes).



Effective Community Policing -The Olneyville Community and Police Alliance (CaPA)

This action team is a partnership between Providence Police, community stakeholders, and Olneyville residents that focuses on delivering effective strategies to address crime and work together to enhance and build stronger relationships between residents and police.